What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I am happy and relieved to have finally found an attentive, thorough physician who goes the extra mile for his patients! Dr. Sachs is calm, professional and non-judgmental, spending the necessary time to really understand his patient's needs. I am really impressed with the length of time Dr. Sachs spends with each patient. He also returns your calls and gets back to you in a timely manner!

    Executive Team Member, Sprouts Farmers Market
  • The big rub today is that doctors don't spend enough time with nor do they listen to patients; this is not the case with Dr. Sachs. As I get older, I realize how important it is to have a doctor who is really my advocate, whom I can trust and is only one call away. I had many injuries in my career which are catching up with me now. Dr. Sachs is the perfect teammate to watch my back and keep me healthy.

    Retired Professional MLB Athlete
  • We take great comfort in knowing that our health care in total is "managed" by Dr. Sachs. One could not find a more capable Internist who embodies a confidence building medical professionalism with a sincere and deep personal interest in each patient's well-being. If a necessity arises for the service of a specialist, contact is made instantly, including an appointments and tests with follow-up discussion regard corrective action...all in the near term. Dr. Sachs spends quality time with each patient, and you know he is available 24/7.

    Vice Admiral (Retired), United States Navy
  • I have been with MDVIP for several years, and highly recommend this approach to patient care. Dr. Sachs ensures that you have a yearly, comprehensive physical. Dr. Sachs is available to his patients 24/7, is very responsive and immediately follows-up with his patients following tests and concerns. Dr. Sachs is patient, takes your input into consideration and is kind, gentle and caring. I have tremendous peace of mind regarding my health because of Dr. Sachs and the MDVIP process.

    CEO, Biotech Industry, San Diego, CA
  • It is wonderful to have a doctor who spends time with me working on a personal plan to insure that I stay healthy. And
    if I do become sick, he is enormously responsive.

    San Diego City Council Member
  • MDVIP and Dr. Sachs together is like having your own personal physician who is truly invested in your health today as well as preventative care for tomorrow. I am 100% satisfied with the service and would recommend this type of medical care to anyone looking for a higher level of care.

    CEO, Entrepreneur, Professional Race Car Driver
  • Dr. Sachs combines the best of the modern physician and the classic family doctor who knows his patients, takes his
    time and goes the extra mile. He is interested in his patients doing well and invests a great deal of effort to explain, convince and deliver the best care. His willingness to run interference with other specialists for access, appointments and information is unparalleled.

    CEO, Author, and Professor, UCSD School of Medicine
  • I am involved in 4 to 5 companies at any given time, and to be able to call Dr. Sachs and get a return call in a very short time, and to get into see him in an even shorter time, is the kind of personalized medicine that is priceless. As a note, I am a chairman of a biotech firm that has a drug diagnostic tool that delivers personalized, precision, point of care dosing-Dr. Sachs does exactly that

    President, CEO, Technology Entrepreneur

What Other Physicians Are Saying

  • Dr. Sachs has always been one of the finest Internal Medicine physicians in the community. He is always very thorough in the evaluation of his patients. He is compassionate and caring. Many of his patients view him as their friend and not just as their physician. My colleagues and I are very happy to have a physician like Dr. Sachs available to the community.

    Robert Goldklang, MD
    Gastroenterologist, Encinitas, California
  • When my patients ask whom, I would recommend for their primary medical care, Dr. Bruce Sachs is an immediate consideration. Dr. Sachs is one of the most highly regarded internists in the area by both physicians and patients alike, and he has the proven training, skills, and experience to provide excellent healthcare in internal medicine. From personal experience, I can say that Dr. Sachs welcomes your questions and comprehensively answers them. He spends quality time with his patients, so you do not feel rushed at appointments. He has excellent communication skills and bedside manner, and his staff is also very friendly, efficient, and welcoming. He is a doctor that doctors trust, and I highly recommend him!

    Garrett Tallman, MD
  • I have worked with Dr. Bruce Sachs for more than 25 years. Throughout he has always demonstrated his deep compassion and caring for his patients combined with his expertise in medical knowledge and decision making. It is truly a privilege to have him as a friend and colleague.

    Scott Eisman MD, FCCP
    Pulmonologist, CEO, Coastal Pulmonary Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Sachs is an exceptional and compassionate physician who has provided complete health and wellness care for my orthopedic patients and our community residents for decades. Dr. Sachs is a true patient advocate ensuring that everyone’s care is a priority both in his office and in the practices of his specialty consultants. Dr. Sachs’ approach to medical care is an ideal composition of knowledge and empathy.

    Gregory J. Loren, MD, F.A.A.O.S.
    Orthopaedic Surgery, Encinitas, California
  • I have collaborated with Dr. Bruce Sachs in the care of our mutual cardiology patients in San Diego for more than 25 years. He provides the highest standard of compassionate, detail oriented, personalized evaluation and treatment of all his patients.

    Martin Charlat, MD, FACC
    Cardiologist, Encinitas, California
  • I have worked with Dr. Sachs for more than 10 years. It is an honor to care for his patients. He provides comprehensive and compassionate care. As a specialist, it is a pleasure to assist in the care of his patients. All pertinent records and labs are forwarded to us before their consult, and this makes our care more efficient and effective. He is available 24 hours a day to coordinate care, and this makes our care of the whole patient safer. He is the kind of doctor who takes the time to do things right. He is the kind of doctor we all strive to be.

    John Naitoh, MD
  • I have known Dr. Sachs since he began his career in Encinitas many years ago and have had the opportunity to observe his medical practice of Internal Medicine, both referring my patients to him and collaborating on care. Dr. Sachs practices medicine with high ethical standards, up to date knowledge, great skill and compassion. He is a man of his word and a kindhearted soul. He is a physician's physician.

    Michael A. Lobatz MD
    Neurologist, Carlsbad, California
  • Dr Sachs has been a colleague of mine for many years. He is an extremely thorough and conscientious physician. He spends ample time with each patient to ensure that all their medical problems are solved. I highly recommend him as a primary care doctor.

    Pingfeng Du, MD
    Cardiologist, Encinitas, California
  • I have worked with Dr. Sachs in our medical community for over twenty years. Together, we have consulted and treated many patients with dedication to optimal hospitalizations and outcomes. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Sachs as a primary care physician.

    Andrew Accardi, MD
    Emergency Medicine, Encinitas, California

About Dr. Sachs

Dr. Sachs has been delighted to serve as the chief medical resident at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center in New York, medical director of Seacrest Village Retirement Community, and medical adviser to the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association. Today, Dr. Sachs serves as an advisory board member of Shadowbox, a productivity platform that connects applications at the click of a button. When he’s not helping patients improve their health, Dr. Sachs enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family.

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New Patients Are Welcome

Here at Bruce Sachs, MD we are always accepting new patients. Regardless of whether you are sick or are simply due for a regular check-up, we are happy to welcome you to our office. We know going to the doctor can be a little overwhelming at times, so we are happy to provide you with our new patient forms ahead of time so that you can fill them out prior to your appointment and save you time during your visit.

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A practicing physician for over 30 years, Bruce J. Sachs, MD, boasts extensive knowledge in many areas of medicine. Dr. Sachs is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has been a member of the MDVIP network of physicians for over fifteen years as a primary care physician in Encinitas, California.


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