Cynthia O.

You will not find a more attentive physician. Hope he never retires.

Robert G.

Very compassionate and kind and most importantly, thorough and informative.

Debi H.

Almost like an office visit, speech cuts out a bite. Seeing your doctor better than a phone call.

Joe M.

Excellent in detail, courtesy, and thoroughness. Always a pleasant visit and helpful.

Robert C.

Great job as usual.

Thomas C.

Put the doctor in a very difficult position! As usual he helped me all he helped all me could.

Herbert L.

Very complete. Good give and take and advise.

Kay L.

Dr. Bruce Sachs is the most caring, thoughtful, wonderful doctor and always available 24/7 to advise you with any medical problem. His staff is very familiar with all his patients & respects & admires Dr. Sachs.

Jean Maree D.

As ALWAYS, Dr. Sachs provides the best care possible for his patients and today was no exception. He patiently answered all of my questions as well as adding in extra suggestions and considerations in a very professional and kind manner. Thank you Dr. Sachs ! Jean Maree

Neil S.

Simply an amazing physician. Rare to find such a combination of expertise and engagement.

Anita B.

Informative, helpful agreeable as always.

Keith G.

The experience was exceptional and Dr. Sach’s is a wonderful Doctor and human being.

Sharon V.

Went well thank you

Steve C.

Dr Sachs sets a very high standard for care and compassion. He is knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, and goes above and beyond. If you’re looking for a cutting edge internist with an old school mentality, then this is the right doctor.

Kay L.

Dr. Bruce Sachs rates five stars every time I need him. He is patient & always has helpful hints to follow to make me stay healthy. He’s always available for all my questions. His staff is amazing and always on top of things.

Ian M.

Dr Sachs is thorough, thoughtful, proactive and his office is professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Cynthia O.

Makes me so happy I could cry. Wish I had found him a long time ago.

Jessica H.

Always insightful and valuable information during my visit. Thanks, you’re the best!

Charlotte L.

a pleasant and thorough visit with very clear and informative explanation of all medical problems and direction of needed care for future good health

Robert F.

Short wait. Thorough exam and easy to understand diagnosis.

Robert H.

Glad to be back

Lester F.

I was very happy with my appointment with Dr. Sachs. He checked on a procedure I had and the results and discussed it with me. We talked about my sleep issues and he gave me some advice and a source to talk to. He talked about other medical issues and did some heart and other tests. We talked about my medications and renewed them. Great visit. L.Freedman.

Stephen D.

Dr. Sachs provides excellent care. My wife and I wish we had found him years ago. He’s a very caring and compassionate man.

Mary B.

Dr. Sachs is a very caring doctor, thorough, professional and extremely well-versed in all manners that cover illness, disease and medicine. I am very lucky to have him as my physician.

Shirley M.

New to website, but very glad to see it.

Richard F.

Always great!

Joan G.

Always great

David M.

Dr. Sachs is knowledgeable, professional, personable and interested in his patients.

Carl T.

Always pleasant working with Dr Sachs

Elayne C.

Dedicated doctor who is always there for your medical concerns 24/7

Robert B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Sachs for many years, he and his staff are very caring and always outstanding!!!

Helen C.

My questions were answered, my concerns were addressed, and I was given all the time I needed. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Lynda A.

Excellent caring covering all my concerns and more – good fellowship – my favorite doctor ever.

Lance M.

Dr. Sachs always does an excellent job with all my medical needs. I would highly recommend him

Hugh J.

Very instructive visit with pleasant and attentive staff. Dr Sachs answered all my questions.

George O.

Been a patient for 15+ years and can’t imagine a better Dr./patient relationship. Worth every dollar to be a MDVIP/Dr. Sachs member.

Jeffrey B.

Great experience. Dr. Sachs is the best!!

Sharyn G.

As always, Dr. Sachs takes his time to listen, observe, review my situation. He makes every effort to get through to me, the importance of his observations, suggestions, and recommendations. He makes me feel like family. I am starting to improve.

Andrea K.

Spent lots of time, listened carefully and supplied me with information I needed. Also gave me info on options I didn’t know I had.

Doris R.

Great as always